Our processing procedures are the most refined and discerning in the business. From the time mussels enter our plant to the time they are loaded on a truck to market, they are treated with delicate care. We believe if you stress mussels in processing the shelf life is shortened. Therefore in each processing step we take great care to handle the mussels gently.

Mussels arrive at the plant in covered tanks. The mussels are tested a second time to ensure adequate meat size and quality. If they pass inspection they are assigned a lot number which is traceable throughout processing, distribution, and in the market place. The real processing begins when the mussels, still attached to their socks, are stripped clean and placed into our state of the art holding system. Our holding system allows us to inventory over one million pounds of mussels in perfect condition. Having this inventory assures that we can continue to ship mussels to our customers even during periods of bad weather when harvesting is impossible.

From the holding system, the mussels are declumped, thoroughly cleaned, debyssed, graded for size, and visually inspected. In each of these steps, care is taken to treat the mussels gently. Our processing equipment is immaculately clean and technologically advanced. At the end of the processing line our mussels are packed into a variety of packs. We pack to order daily and ship fresh mussels to markets five days a week.

With thanks to our dedicated team and our loyal customers we remain, after 21 years, the premier mussel producer and processor in North America. Our customers tell us we are the quality and service leader in the industry.